This week sees Ireland’s DIY giant Woodies launch of one of the world’s most original and environmentally friendly products in its stores. Binstrap created by Gaelan Goodfellow, is a unique solution to keeping your wheelie bin securely sealed against the elements of the often unpredictable Irish weather.

This easily installed device is 100% Irish made, having been developed and manufactured in Athenry, Co. Galway. The product was borne of a discussion Goodfellow had with friends and neighbours regarding the build-up of litter from wheelie bins that had tipped over in inclement weather.

Truly necessity is the mother of invention as this discussion sparked Goodfellow to begin researching and developing the product that would eventually become Binstrap. Various prototypes were produced to ensure the product reached its full potential with the final design created in 2013 and the patent being granted in 2014.

But why choose Binstrap? As Ireland enters the milder Spring and Summer months it has never been more important to keep our wheelie bins closed. Nasty odours emanating from overflowing bins draw vermin and flies and Binstrap tackles the issue head on by sealing the bins shut meaning no unpleasant odours, overflowing bins and litter. The homeowner is also spared potential fines. From a Health and Safety perspective the Binstrap eliminates the need to place heavy rocks on bins to prevent them from overflowing, protecting both the homeowner and refuse collector from potential injury.

The easy to install product is manufactured using EPDM rubber which means it is exceptionally resistant to extreme weather conditions and guarantees its long life and durability. Manufactured to fit both domestic and commercial bins installation takes merely moments as Binstrap comes in three different easy to install versions:

Drill On Strap

Bond On Strap (which requires no tools)

Bolt On Strap (for use on the larger or commercial wheelie bins)

Now with the launch of the product in Woodies, Goodfellow sees a long held ambition fulfilled although he admits he has had more than some assistance along the way “My father Joe has helped hugely in all aspects of the business particularly with design and development. With over 50 years in engineering he has provided priceless guidance, ideas and experience” he says.

For more information see www.woodiesdiy.com