BinStrap Customer Testimonials

Awesome product! I needed something to keep my trash can lid closed when I have it outdoors on collection day and this works great! It’s so easy to put on and use and amazing quality for the price. No more worrying about the trash getting out or animals getting in!! I love it.
Great when bin is getting full and bin day is not for a while. Keeps lid closed easy to use
Beatrice Glynn
Bought a drill-on and a bond-on Binstrap. Both very easy to fit and very well designed and made. Great quality and does what it says on the can. Very good product.
Joseph G
Great product! It’s exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t like the idea of leaving a rock on my bin lid to keep the lid closed for fear it would be thrown through a window so I bought 3 of these, one for each bin. It’s actually much more robust that I thought it would be so I imagine they will last for years.
Tristan Peter
Excellent product, would highly recommend and great company to deal with.

No more chasing my rubbish down the street and no more unwanted animals rummaging in my bin.

Tracy Griffin
This bin strap is excellent, I needed something to keep the lid of my bin closed on a windy day and you have answered my prayers, well worth the price, a fantastic idea, well done.
Hilary Weldon
5 stars. Brilliant product. Easy to install. Does exactly what i want it to do!
Daniel O'Reilly
I can confirm that Aberdeenshire Council has tested ‘Bin Strap, and we were very happy with the results. We have since purchased the product and are rolling it out to our local residents on an ‘on request’ basis. We have found Bin Strap to be a useful device to keep recycling bin lids shut on windy days and keep our customers happy.
Aberdeenshire Council
A product like this will really help to reduce litter in our residential areas. We notice a lot of extra litter on Green bin collection days. Be a good neighbour and secure your bin lids.
Balbriggan Tidy Towns