Binstrap is a new product from CPD that keeps lids on wheelie bins sealed and secure.

Binstrap is a simple, cost effective solution to reducing litter pollution which ensures there is no more need to clean up spilt rubbish.

Binstrap is simple to use, easy to install and keeps bins’ contents sealed and secure; especially in adverse weather conditions when the bins can tip over.

Binstrap avoids the use of heavy rocks and the health hazards this practice imposes. In just a few simple steps, with no tools necessary and in less than one minute, Binstrap is ready to use. It also prevents vermin, animals and flies getting to the bins contents, keeps the environment clean and green as well as preventing unnecessary fines.

Bond-on BinStrap

Binstrap was created by Gaelan Goodfellow of CPD with the aim of tackling litter problems caused by over-filled or tipped-over wheelie bins. After many prototypes and consultations with Joseph Goodfellow – a senior engineer with C&F Green Energy- the bondable Binstrap was created.

“This is not only an effective and elegant solution to keep wheelie bin lids closed, but a perfected product made from the finest materials available today. The Binstrap is bonded to the lid of a wheelie bin and clips under the top lip of the bin. When opening the Binstrap can swivel 360 degrees which aids refuse collectors when emptying,” said Gaelan Goodfellow.

Binstrap also comes with a one-year warranty.

Source: Recycling Waste World