Why BinStrap?

Each year our oceans are polluted with over 8 million tonnes of plastic that comes primarily from land based sources. Reference

This pollution is having a detrimental effect on our marine life, the coral reefs, our wider environment and our food chain. Animals are dying from ingesting plastic that has no place in their habitat. You’ve seen the pictures on social media of the turtle whose shell grew AROUND the plastic can wrapper, or the whale that washed up onto the beach with a belly full of plastic, or the bird whose neck was wrapped up by a balloon tie.. This is happening to creatures throughout the ocean and the world, so many that it is impossible to keep count. We can make efforts to take away plastic straws and ban plastic bags, but we still need to stop pollution at the source. There will always be rubbish that can contaminate and hurt animals if it gets into the environment. So it makes sense to keep our rubbish contained outside our homes and businesses throughout the collection process, so that we minimise the chances of this rubbish getting into the environment.

There are over 1.5 billion wheelie bins worldwide, not one of these comes with a lid restraint. Every one of these bins falls over or gets knocked over at least once in their lifetime of use, the waste these bins contain gets into streams, rivers and oceans adding to the pollution that organisations the world over are trying to clean up.

Securing wheelie bins around the world will dramatically reduce the amount of plastic and rubbish from entering our environment, rivers and oceans, it will reduce the ‘Plastic by Death’ toll on whales, dolphins, turtles, birds and other wildlife.

BinStrap tackles a multitude of issues surrounding littering, environment pollution and the spreading of germs by vermin, flies and animals.

  • Attaching a BinStrap to domestic wheelie bins will save our rivers & oceans, the homeowner picking up spilt rubbish, fines for over-filling bins and the dangerous practice of placing heavy rocks on the lids.
  • Easier to use than Bin Locks and with no keys to loose, BinStrap is a more cost effective and more practical solution to keeping the lid on your wheelie bin closed.
  • It will reduce heath & safety risks for the refuse collectors by eradicating the use of heavy rocks, eliminate the risk of disease by keeping out flies, vermin and animals and stop the spread of rubbish from over-filled bins. This in turn will:
  • Save the waste companies time and money.
  • Local authorities and county councils will save money and time on clean up costs associated with turned over bins, and the costs of bringing homeowners to court for over-filling of bins causing litter problems.

The problem, overturned, overfilled & dangerously presented bins…

picture of wheelie bins with rubbish spilling out
picture of a wheelie bins with rubbish spilling out